RideOntrac is going Bigger this 2021!!

Drive, Ride and Win Big on RideOntrac. Kindly read the full details.

Promo For Driver's and Rider's

We have been working tirelessly to make things better for all of us and we thank you for being a part of this revolution.

Just a recap of what we have been up to all these while:
RideOntrac has successfully registered thousands of active Captains and Riders on our platform since late-2020 that we started.
Going forward, we will be paying out Captains and Riders for keeping your app on. We have created the following incentive packages for Captains, Riders and Fleet Manager:


App-on Cashback

RideOntrac will give you a guaranteed payment of N500 for continuous keeping of the app on for 5hours or more

Plus, get an additional 10% Bonus: RideOntrac will give you bonus payment of an additional 10% payment of any trip you completed during that 5 hours.

Daily Cashback Bonus Payment

RideOntrac will pay you N1,000 for completing 3 Trips a Day

Monthly Cashback Bonus Payment

RideOntrac will pay you N50,000 bonus each month you complete 90 trips for the month. That's just a total of 3 rides daily.


RideOntrac will pay you N1,000 per hour to be available to accept only requests from RideOntrac riders for selected areas. The program guarantees you income of N1,000 per hour if you did not get any request for that hour. This offer is limited to Captains who would agree to the terms of this program( Promo Terms and Condition)

Show Pride Sticker Program

Get paid N1,000 each month for identifying with Ride Proudly Nigeria sticker. You will get paid N1,000/monthly for putting a 1ft X 2ft RideOntrac, Ride Proudly Nigeria sticker on the bumper of your car.


90% Free Ride promo

We have 90% Free Ride promo set to roll out on your first 10 rides. This means that Riders pay's 10% of their ride fare (upto N1,000) while we balance the rest to Captains on their behalf. Yes, we are taking all the financial responsibilities.

N10,000 to riders

We will pay N10,000 to riders that takes up to 15 rides a month

Get N1,000 for every 3 rides

We also pay Riders 1k for every 3rides completed on RideOntrac. For your accumulated 3rides, you get 1k transfer or cash payment from us.

Fleet Manager Program

Kindly call the Customer Service Line for further information on this if you are a car fleet manager.Click To Contact Our Customer Service

Kindly Note that all these will be effective from 11th of February, 2021.Individuals, Captains, per-time drivers & Fleet Managers who are interested in this program shall be paid on every Monday of the week throughout the program. Successful drivers from this program will qualify for the bigger program coming up soon; where 2 Toyota cars worth Millions of Naira each are to be won through draw.
The Dedicated RideOntrac Drivers program offer is limited to Captains who would agree to the terms of this program. Only those who indicate interest and are signed-up for any of these programs will get their payment/reward. Please call our Call Care Line to indicate interest and sign up. Please call our Call Care Line by Clicking on Our Customer Service to indicate interest and sign up .

This offer is valid for 3months and renewable each month. Get an instant payment transfer or cash at our office.

Feel free to contact RideOntrac Customer Service Line (09060869525) or send us a chat on Whatsapp to indicate interest in any of the above-mentioned driver's programs. Read the full Terms and Condition on this website.
Please remember to stay online to reduce rides cancellation, if you don't get a request, kindly check your app and be sure it's functional or change location (if you can).
Remember to stay safe, always go out with your face mask and stay online.
Thank you once again for your usual support, for sticking with RideOntrac and not getting discouraged. Together, we will make this work