We are glad to welcome you on board! Security of life and property is our top priority, followed by providing a great service and a comfortable ride to your destination at a reasonable cost.

Getting Started

Start your journey today by using your smartphone to download our app on Google or Apple store.

You can also use our QR code to download the App by clicking on this QR Code

Download the App

Go to Google or Apple store on your smartphone, search and download RideOntrac.

Do not download RideOntrac Driver which is meant for the Captains (drivers).

Follow the instructions on the RideOntrac interface to complete your registration.

Your security and that of the Captains are key to our success which is why we need certain information from you.

Our security department will review the information you submitted and approve your application.

Your Ride Option

RideOntrac features 3 options-in-1 app giving you more ways to save money and more options to ride than any other e-hailing app in the market today. Once you enter your pickup and drop off location, RideOntrac will present you options, including:

Use Along: This riding option gives you the ultimate flexibility to save more money with much lower fares. We added innovation to traditional taxi services in Nigeria by linking up users (passengers) with nearby painted (or unpainted) taxi Captains. You and the Captain agree on the price you will pay and agree on if it a drop (you ride alone) or shared taxi where other Riders may join Along the way.

RideOntrac have engineered a safer way to ride painted taxis by scanning the Captain’s Scan QR: You can join any Along ride by scanning the QR code pasted on the car dashboard, back glass window, or on the Captains smartphone. RideOntrac will add the event to your history to note that you encountered the Along taxi at that moment and at that location.

Ride Now: Ride Now option is our executive fleet of Captains that have cars with AC and other amenities that may not be available in the Along option. The fares are determined based on trip distance and duration which you must pay the driver at the end of the trip. The Captains come to your desired location to pick you up and may offer other special services such tuning the radio to your preferred station.

Ride with Key: You can always ride with your preferred Captain by providing the Captain’s QR Code Key when requesting with Ride Now option. This gives you the flexibility to use RideOntrac to travel with Captains that you are already familiar with or you are comfortable with. Your request for a ride will be sent to your preferred driver and if they are not available will then be sent to other nearby drivers. The rider is not charged and additional fare for using this option.

Ride Share (Scheduled Trips): An original innovation by RideOntrac Limited to meet the needs of our esteemed Riders like yourself. Our scheduled trips allow you to schedule trips days or months ahead. Enter your preferred pickup location/city and your drop off location/city; and enter the date or days of the week you want to travel for our system to match you with car owners/Captains with similar schedule. Two modes are available:

  • Share Ride to Work: Ride Share option links up car owners and Riders that live in the same area and their place of work is also within the same around to share ride to work. Car owners make money without deviating much from their regular route while Riders save money and time without the hassle of standing on roadside after closing work. On the RideOntrac mobile app, go to menu and select Scheduled Ride, follow the on-screen instruction to setup a work ride.
  • Share Ride for Long Distance Journeys: Ride Share option links up Car Owners and Riders for long distance journeys such as Lagos to Abuja or any other destination in Nigeria. You set pickup and drop off locations, your preferred date and time of travel. The system will match your request with available Captains for you to review and pick the Captain you will like to join for the trip at cheaper rate.

Your Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we take it more than seriously at RideOntrac Limited. Safety of our Riders and safety of our Captains are equally important to us. We constantly analyze available crime data to update our location system with warnings and notifications sent to our usage community. Here are few other innovations we have added in our system based on experiences of Nigerian and international law enforcement officers

Trip Code: Every trip starts with the Rider providing a code unique only to that trip linking the Captain and the Rider at the start of each trip. Riders are provided with a secure one-time code which they MUST provide to the Captain to initiate the trip. Captain’s cannot imitate a ride without this code.

QR Code: Along Riders are encouraged to scan the QR Code pasted on the taxi to create a record showing an encounter of the taxi with the Riders smartphone at that moment and at that location. You can use our scan and ride QR code by clicking on QR Code

Proximity Check: Our system often checks the GPS coordinates of Rider and Captain to flag unusual activities which may lead to temporary block of the Rider or Captain.

Trip Cost

RideOntrac believes that transparency is key to survival of any mutual business relationship. Our fees and charges are made public to both Riders and Captains. We charge one of the lowest commissions in the entire global taxi e-hailing industry. We are one of the lowest for the simple reason that we believe Nigerians deserve better. Below is breakdown of fees and charges involved

Base Fare: Applicable to Ride Now option only. This fare is charged on all successful matchup of Rider with Captain. It is N400 and it is charged to cover the first 3km (or first 5 minutes) of the trip. It is also charged as cancellation fee to the Rider or Captain that cancels the trip after the Captain have accepted the trip. Cases where the Rider cancelled the trip, the Captain earns portion of the Base Fare as cancellation fee.

Fare Per 1km: Applicable to Ride Now Option only. Each trip is charged based on N45 per Kilometer traveled. This fare is the same throughout Nigeria.

Zone Premium Charge: Applicable to Ride Now Only. Zone premium charge is based on statistical data available on cost of living, easy of doing business, road conditions including traffic jams of each zone. For example, Lagos Island with its more than normal heavy traffic will attract a higher zone charge than Abuja with relatively better road networks and less traffic jams. Zone premium charge are computed per 1km travelled.

Commissions and Subscription Fees: RideOntrac charges 12.5% only commission fee on Ride Now & Ride Share trips and some of the commission charged may be credited back to our Captains savings program for providing assistance to Captains-in-need in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. RideOntrac does NOT charge commission per trip for Along trip but rather charges a monthly flat fee of N2,000 to the Captain