Captains/Car Owners

We are creating enabling system for Nigerians to make a good living in the transportation industry. Although we are new, our innovations in e-hailing app is based on the need to have a win win solution that will get you the maximum benefit as a Captain and Car Owner.

Getting Started

Join our rapidly growing Captains and take advantage of one of the lowest commission fees in the industry.

Follow these steps to get started:

You can also use our QR code to download the App by clicking on this QR Code

1.Download the App

Go to Google or Apple store on your smartphone, search and download RideOntrac Driver.

Do not download RideOntrac which is meant for the users/passengers.

Follow the instructions on the RideOntrac Driver interface to complete your initial registration.

You will be prompted to select a zone (area such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, etc) and if you do not see your city listed, select Future as your zone.

Your security and that of the Captains are key to our success which is why we need certain information from you.

2.Upload Documents

After completing the above step, the app will request you upload pictures of your documents:

Save more money using Along which are taxis that may not have Air Conditioner and are also cheaper than Ride Now. With Along you agree on price and terms with the driver before your trip starts.

You decide if to use it as drop or share it with few other passengers for even a more cheaper ride.

  • Using the camera on your smartphone, take clear pictures of the front and back of your car registration papers and upload them using the RideOntrac app.
  • Next, using the camera on your smartphone;
    (1) take picture of the front of your car with the license plate clearly shown
    (2) take picture of the back of your car with the license plate clearly shown
    (3) start your car and with your smartphone camera take picture of your car dashboard clearly showing the millage gauge on your car
    (4) finally using your smartphone camera, take full side view picture of your car.
You will have total of 8 pictures to upload
1. Driver's License front view 5. Car's front view
2. Driver's License back view 6. Car's back view
3. Car registration paper front view 7. Car's dashboard view
4. Car registration paper back view 8. Car's full side view.
Upload each image by clicking the corresponding name/image on the RideOntrac app. Our security department will review the information you submitted and recommend approval of your application.

3.Application Review

One of our application inspectors will contact you after reviewing your application. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, application processing is taking longer than usual to approve.

4.Invitation to Captains Event

After approval you will be invited to attend one of our upcoming Captains Event taking place in your zone of choice. This event is exclusively by invitation only, and due to COVID-19 protocols only invitees will be allowed into the training venue. During the Captains Event, you will:

  • Complete your registration by signing Code-of-Conducts, ethics, and fair-trading agreement, and your app will be activated for the right classes of services (Ride Now, Along, & Shuttle Services) your car is deemed suitable.
  • You will be giving our drivers training course which will cover how to use the app, rules and regulations, security tips offered by ex-DSS & NPF intelligence officers on defensive driving and self-protection

Car Services Categories

All drivers are welcomed. We aim to create opportunity for all Nigerians, and not just for the few with newer model of cars. RideOntrac provides many service options designed such that your car will qualify, at the minimum for the Along services. Review our class of services below :


This class of service option gives the Captain the ultimate flexibility to save more money by not paying commission per trip, but rather pay a flat fee of N2,000 per month. There is no car age limit or restrictions on amenities such as air condition, radio, and so on. All cars are qualified for this class of services which also accords the passengers a lower fare. We added this important innovation (RideOntrac Original design) to traditional taxi services in Nigeria by linking up Captains and Passengers that are nearby each other (within 1km or less). You and the passenger agree on the price they will pay and agree on if it is a drop (they ride alone) or shared taxi where other Riders may join Along the way.

Ride Now:

This class of service option provides executive type of services and requires cars with AC, radio, and other amenities and car that may not be older than 15 years on the road. The fares are determined based on trip distance and duration which the passenger pays to the driver and RideOntrac charges a service fee of 12.5%. This class of service may require the Captain to register with relevant state authorities.

Shuttle Services & Scheduled Trips:

An original innovation by RideOntrac Limited for Nigerians with cars to linkup with their neighbors needing a ride to work or ride to their home village during regular and seasonal periods. This class of service option is for all Car owners in Nigeria wanting to share the cost of operating their car by offering rides to their nearby neighbors. Our technology uses proximity GPS location to match car owners and passengers going the same way. Two modes are:

  • Ride to Work: Car Owners who register with us can use RideOntrac app to create a pick up and drop off location, and schedule trips based on time and days of the week they will drive that route and the system will match up neighbors going the same route for the car owner to choose from. Fares are charged based on Ride Now trip rates, with a discounted rate being offered to riders for committing to such schedule.
  • Ride for Long Distance Journeys: Car Owners, especially those owning min vans, who register with us can use RideOntrac app to create a pick up and drop off location, and schedule date and time of their long journey trips from and to any part of Nigeria. The system will matchup Car Owners with passengers looking to take similar trip on the same day and offer a discounted fare to a normal rate that would have been charged for such distance.

Your Safety

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we take it more than seriously at RideOntrac Limited. Safety of our Riders and safety of our Captains are equally important to us. We constantly analyze available crime data to update our location system with warnings and notifications sent to our usage community. Here are few other innovations we have added in our system based on experiences of Nigerian and international law enforcement officers

RideOntrac have engineered a safer way to convey know passenger by providing each Along Captain with a unique QR code which the Captain MUST require each rider to scan as they join the Along ride. When the passenger, using their RideOntrac app, scans the Captain’s Scan QR code pasted on the car dashboard, back glass window, or on the Captains smartphone, RideOntrac app will add the trip event to Captain and Passenger’s history to note that such an encountered took place at that moment and at that location

Trip Code: Every trip starts with the Rider providing a code unique only to that trip linking the Captain and the Rider at the start of each trip. Riders are provided with a secure one-time code which they MUST provide to the Captain to initiate the trip. Captain’s cannot imitate a ride without this code.

Proximity Check: Our system often checks the GPS coordinates of Rider and Captain to flag unusual activities which may lead to temporary block of the Rider or Captain.

Trip Cost

RideOntrac believes that transparency is key to survival of any mutual business relationship. Our fees and charges are made public to both Riders and Captains. We charge one of the lowest commissions in the entire global taxi e-hailing industry. We are one of the lowest for the simple reason that we believe Nigerians deserve better. Below is breakdown of fees and charges involved

Base Fare: Applicable to Ride Now option only. This fare is charged on all successful matchup of Rider with Captain. It is N400 and it is charged to cover the first 2km (or first 5 minutes) of the trip. It is also charged as cancellation fee to the Rider or Captain that cancels the trip after the Captain have accepted the trip. Cases where the Rider cancelled the trip, the Captain earns portion of the Base Fare as cancellation fee.

Fare Per 1km: Applicable to Ride Now Option only. Each trip is charged based on N45 per Kilometer traveled. This fare is the same throughout Nigeria

Zone Premium Charge: Applicable to Ride Now Only. Zone premium charge is based on statistical data available on cost of living, easy of doing business, road conditions including traffic jams of each zone. For example, Lagos Island with its more than normal heavy traffic will attract a higher zone charge than Abuja with relatively better road networks and less traffic jams. Zone premium charge are computed per 1km travelled.

Commissions and Subscription Fees: RideOntrac charges 12.5% only commission fee on Ride Now & Ride Share trips and some of the commission charged may be credited back to our Captains savings program for providing assistance to Captains-in-need in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. RideOntrac does NOT charge commission per trip for Along trip but rather charges a monthly flat fee of N2,000 to the Captain